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School Rules

You will receive a copy of the BCPS Student Discipline Code. Please read each section of the guide carefully and discuss its contents. Every parent or guardian must sign the tear-off sheet at the end of the Code and return it to school to verify receipt of the Code.

School rules are important to all of us because they tell us how to act, give us directions, set standards for everyone, and provide a safe climate. Every rule has a reason for being and should be followed consistently.

Our students will show by their behavior that they understand why they are in school.

Our students will:

  1. Arrive at school on time.
  2. Carry the necessary materials to class.
  3. Leave jackets and book bags in lockers.
  4. Attend all classes on time.
  5. Walk quietly and quickly through the halls.
  6. Carry the proper pass.
  7. Eat in the cafeteria only.
  8. Deposit litter in waste bins.
  9. Show respect and courtesy to all students and all adults.
  10. Enter and exit the school building with books every day.
  11. Represent the school well outside the school building.

Weapons in School

When you possess or carry a deadly weapon of any kind, which shall include but not be limited to rifles, guns, knives, brass knuckles, chain, pipe or nunchaku, onto school property, or possess a deadly weapon off school property under circumstances which bear a direct connection to school activities, you shall be expelled by the Chief Executive Officer, in accordance with Maryland Education Code, Section 7-304.


Acts of vandalism are against the law and any student suspected of, or who is identified as, causing willful damage to or the destruction of property will be prosecuted to the fullest extent. These acts will also result in the following action taken by the principal. The student will:

  • pay the full cost to restore the damaged area or item(s)
  • clean or paint damaged areas caused by graffiti
  • be placed on suspension and recommended for expulsion from the school system

Radios, Tape Recorders, Beepers, Etc.

Radios, beepers, cellular phones, tape players, cassettes, etc. are prohibited. Items of this nature will be confiscated and returned to your parent at the first offense. With the second infraction, these items become the property of the school. Beepers and cellular phones will be given to the School Police. Parents will have to go to the Department of Education's administration building to retrieve the device from the School Police.


Before a student is placed on a short/long term suspension for any reason (violations identified in the BCPSS student Discipline Code), he/she will have been informed of the reason by an administrator. An opportunity will be given for the student to present his/her version of the incident and a letter will be given explaining to the parent/guardian the reason for the suspension and asking for a conference. Students must understand that once on suspension, he/she has lost his/her right to be on any school property until he/she is allowed to return to class.

Students must understand that they will have the opportunity to make up any academic work missed while absent because of suspension. It is the student's responsibility to obtain and complete that work during the period of absence. Students must also understand that they will be given the number of days equal to the number of days absent to turn in completed make-up work.

School Police

The responsibility of the police officer is to assist students with problems they may have related to their safety and well-being. If you have a problem on the way to school, on the way home from school, or if something serious develops in school, secure from your teacher a pass to the School Police office to discuss the problem. This office is located in the Main Office, Room 100.

Dress Code - School Uniforms

When you report to school, you are reporting to your job. Your appearance is an important part of your overall performance. As a part of the CEO's District, you are expected to wear uniforms. All of the pants and skirts will be khaki colored and the tops (shirts, blouses, or sweaters) are as follows:

  • 6th grade - forest green
  • 7th grade - white
  • 8th grade - navy blue

Failure to wear uniforms will result in the following consequences:

1st offense- warning letter
2nd offense- phone conference
3rd offense- parent conference

In addition, all students must adhere to the dress code of the Baltimore City Public Schools. If you are improperly dressed, you will be sent home to change.

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